Each wooden USB drive is hand made from locally sourced hard wood.  The wood is collected from the woods of Berkshire in England. This is fallen wood from the previous winter’s storms.

The wood has to be selected to be the right diameter. It is then left to dry out or ‘season’ for several months

flashsticks.co.uk wooden USB pen drive
flashsticks wooden USB pen drive

The chosen stick is cut to a length of about 8 cm. Some have rough bark, some smooth, some even have little branches of their own.  The little logs are then carefully hollowed out such that they don’t split and then the electronics are fitted.

A lot of sand paper is used to get the stick feeling nice and smooth removing splinters and rough edges.   Bee's wax is now applied to the end of the stick to seal it and give a very smooth finish.

flashsticks.co.uk wooden USB pen drive

After purchase, the stick can be re waxed again if desired. You should above all keep these little logs with jobs away from wood worm!

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